Merriweather Construction Update: March 4, 2016

Despite a snowy start to the day, Merriweather was buzzing with activity this morning. Most notably, crews today were able to pour the concrete base of the stage, which will allow the work on the inside of the stage house to continue in earnest.

Meanwhile, workers climbed into lifts and onto scaffolding outside of the stage house to continue skinning the sides of the building. These green and blue base layers will provide a foundation for a cedar shell that, once complete, will compliment the existing pavilion and the new restroom/concession buildings in the west plaza.

Keeping the site safe and productive requires a lot of coordination, planning, and communication. And speaking of communication, here's a tangle of conduits that will house all the cabling needed to run the pavilion's lights, sound, electicity, internet, telephones, and everything else. 

And you thought your home entertainment center was confusing...

One of the best things about walking around the site is seeing the pride everyone takes in this work. Merriweather is a special place, and it seems like everyone working on it feels that way, even this "churning urn of burning funk" (apologies to James Taylor).